Making my quail coop

I have been wanting quail for ages now, and my mom and dad is letting me have 3 of them for my birthday. So I have been preparing a coop for them. It is going to be outside with lots of grass and bushes in it. It has a hiding place for them made of a plastic basket with a hole in the side and a nesting box made of a 5l icecream tub with a hole in the side and lots of grass cuttings. I also put lots of sticks to climb up and I will put in a few rocks as well.

I will update about the coop soon.

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Hey There!

Welcome to Simply Stories. This is where you can read short stories made by me. My first story is about my chickens.

My family and I have chickens. 16 of them to be exact. We have 4 boys and 12 girls. The girls names are Daisy, Rosemary, Zinnia, Iris, Pansy, Violet, Owlette, Tina, Blackie, Lavender, Snowy and Connie. The boys names are Mr Frizz, Grey, Crissi and Hazel. Hazel and Connie are brother and sister, girlfriend and boyfriend.

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